About StayEatSee

StayEatSee (The Product)

I.  Magazine – featured stories from travel writers across the world

II. Travel Directory – over a million business across listed across 105 countries

III. Board – open to the public to create and share content in real time with AI verification and full user tracking


Designed for all Stakeholders 

1. Business owners -  Business owners can sign up to StayEatSee and make use of the tools specially built for business owners that includes the capability to add and manage their business listings (listed under categories of Stay, Eat, See and others), packages and holidays, events / brunches, and offers.

StayEatSee for Business is FREE FOREVER unless you choose a premium plan / service to avail increased capabilities and features from StayEatSee

2. Content Creators -  can make use of the StayEatSee platform to create and distribute platform, analytical tools are made available to get better insights of the content shared and understand behaviour and consumption patterns such that creators can give more accurate data and conversions to business owners looking for a return on investment.

3. Travellers - StayEatSee is an open platform that enables travellers to discover and explore businesses in the travel, hospitality, tourism and F&B space. Users can bookmark, create favourite folders, chat with business owners, contribute photos, comment, leave reviews, and join the community to respond to questions from other travellers


StayEatSee Directory includes

  1. Stay (accommodation)
  2. Eat (food & beverage)
  3. See (things to do & see)
  4. Others (automobile, airport, bank, credit card, travel insurance, airport lounge, airline, alcohol Bev, non-alcohol Bev, catering, chef, pastry chef, website/app)


StayEatSee for

Travel agents & travel businesses

Create and distribute content and also get access to tools and features to reach a wider audience. 


Why StayEatSee

  • Industry experts across food, travel & hospitality
  • Credible team with proven delivery across industry
  • Captive audience / consumers on StayEatSee
  • Superior tech - Open social travel and food platform designed for user generated content
  • StayEatSee marketing – online ads, influencer partnerships and mentions, third party advertising partner, SEO & high search ranking, events