StayEatSee may be a fairly new entrant on the digital highway, but we have some veterans of the industry spearheading our efforts. Each professional we have with us has carved a niche for themselves in their line of work. Together, as a team, we hope to take StayEatSee to the world. 


Editorial Board


Atul Prabhu - Founder CEO

Workaholic: check. Traveller: check. Entrepreneur: check. Lives to eat: check. Atul could very well be a New Yorker at heart, given that he loves the energy the city generates. When it comes to life, he doesn’t quite believe in taking the easy way out, much like how he doesn’t believe in fast food. There’s no point in doing something someone else has already done, is there? A quintessential Sagittarius, Atul loves to make friends and hang out. He’ll eat anywhere (no fast food, remember?) as long as there’s meat on the table. But his favourite eating joint is his home.


Ruth Dsouza Prabhu - Head of Content Strategy (Aug 2022 - January 2023)

In my 21 years in the world of media, I have had stories appear in international publications like New York Times, Al Jazeera, The National, Whetstone SA and Good Beer Hunting among many noted Indian publications. I have donned the hats of reporter, editor and content developer and also developed multiple F&B concepts for promotion, content creation and more for hospitality brands. StayEatSee, for me, is about bringing travel and food experiences to life from the stories that our writers share with us and with the reader. 


Natasha Ali - Sub-editor (Aug 2022 - January 2023)

Travel is exploration, freedom, and losing oneself in a different place and its culture, including the sights and food. When writing about a trip, it is a way of sharing not just the to-do and how-to, but how the experience makes me feel. The goal is to have the reader hear and be along with you, for the ride. I bring my almost 20 years of experience to my role as wordsmith and editor for StayEatSee. When working with writers, I love that we have them tell their stories in a way that readers don’t just experience it vicariously, but inspire others to get out there and travel and see the places themselves.


Himani Sona - Jr. Sub-editor

I’m a Bangalore-based Culinary Chronicler who finds joy in food storytelling and photography. I like to research and document food narratives through written pieces, illustrations and photographs. When I’m away from the lens and pen, I’m mostly hiking in the woods. The process of discovering little-known facts about eateries to dine at, things to do and places to see to unearthing a few, excites me as a part of writing for StayEatSee. 

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Influencers & Creators


Kunal Bysani

Not the Ghatotkatcha from Mahabharata, but an explorer from #Bangalore. Has represented Bengaluru food on a National level and also started Kannada food voiceovers for his work on social media.

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Why StayEatSee

  • Industry experts across food, travel & hospitality
  • Credible team with proven delivery across industry
  • Captive audience / consumers on StayEatSee
  • Superior tech - Open social travel and food platform designed for user generated content
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