Diwali Hampers to Order From 10 Home Bakers in Bangalore - 2022

Home Bakers have upped their game, in terms of taste, packaging and their menus, and are all set to add oomph to your festivities with intriguing offerings. With the varied hampers on this list, there is something for everyone - sweet tooths, vegans, suckers for savoury nibbles, health nuts and a lot more. Diwali is just around the corner on the 24th of October, and if you haven’t chosen a hamper to gift your loved ones, now is the time to get one.

Dulce Patisserie bangalore


1. Dulce Patisserie

Turn to Dulce Patisserie's Diwali offerings carefully curated by Ishita, if you're willing to stray from the traditional mithai and try some French confections this Diwali. The hamper is composed of treats like Whiskey Truffles, Pistachio Financiers, Almond Florentine, and even savoury nibbles like pesto and cream cheese with crackers, to balance the sweet treats. Pick their Box of Love for a high-end option or their Box of Light for a compact option.

Price: INR 210/- onwards

To place your order or customise a Diwali hamper, contact Ishita at 8861031072, or mail her at talktodulce@gmail.com or direct message her on INSTAGRAM.


The Baking Room by Dev


2. The Baking Room by Dev

Imagine New York Cookies, Coffee Balls, Chocolate Espresso Ganache Loaf and Blueberry Cheesecake jars cosily sitting in visually pleasing lavender and white boxes or transparent lids, teasing you with the treats inside. The Diwali hampers from Devashree are a delight for the eyes and the belly. The Luxury Box, Healthy Hamper, and Small Box are some of the top choices. You can customise the hampers according to your budget. 

Price: INR 760/- onwards

To place your order direct message Devashree on INSTAGRAM. or WhatsApp her on 9902832561. Please ensure you place your order two to three days in advance. 




3. Cariocake

Cariocake’s Diwali hampers containing an assortment of cookies, almond choco chip cake loaf, and gooey brownies in walnut, almond, and choc chip flavours are packaged in vibrant festive boxes sourced from other small businesses. And the best part is, Deshna's baked goods have a longer shelf life, so if you have had a sweet overload during the festival and want to binge on those delights post-Diwali, they will be waiting. 

Price: INR 325/- onwards

To place your order, call or WhatsApp message Deshna on 08073190527 or reach her out on INSTAGRAM. All orders will be confirmed upon payment only. 19th October is the last date to place your order.


4. A Bundle of Sugar

Shreya’s Diwali hampers will elevate the festive spirit with not only her baked treats but also the acrylic Diwali charm and the beautiful diya that come as part of the beautifully packaged boxes. Packed with tasty nibbles like Almond Biscotti, Chocolate Bars & Brownies, the Apple & Cinnamon Crumble Cake, Chocolate Kulhad Mudpie and Masala Lavash have been newly added for Diwali. 

Price: INR 950/- onwards

To place your order, direct message her on INSTAGRAM. or message/call Shreya on 9110860462


Dough Re Mi’s Diwali hampers


5. Dough Re Mi

Dough Re Mi’s Diwali hampers will make you consider ditching old-school sweets. Sweet and savoury bites that are no less than an epicure’s paradise, think Chip & Dip hamper, Ice Cream hamper and an eco-friendly non-perishable hamper with a selection of Biscoff ice cream, Italian Crostini, Garlic and Rosemary infused oil and Za’atar Pita Crisps. Packaged in aesthetic wooden baskets adorned with fresh flowers, you can tailor the hampers to specific dietary needs by selecting items from their standard menu.

Price: INR 1200/- onwards

To place an order, please drop a message on INSTAGRAM. or contact them on 9829054431


6. Manas’s Cakery

Ever thought classic French treats like Hazelnut Chocolate Bon Bons, Rose Pistachio Cakes, and Chocolate Almond Madeleines could be made vegan? If your answer is no, then Manas’s plant-based Diwali hamper is here to change your mind. The hamper also consists of vegan Indian mithai that includes Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand and Rasmalai Sugar cookies, with no compromise on flavour. Orders close on 15th October. 

Price: INR 1100/- excluding delivery charges

To place your order, call Manas on 9176106024 or drop an email at manasscakery@gmail.com or direct message on INSTAGRAM.


7. Bake Sake

If you’re hosting a house party, then Bake Sake’s Diwali boards are a perfect fit offering both sweet and savoury selections. The breadboard is decked with delectable nibbles like dinner rolls, herb butter swirls, nachos, and salted crackers, while the cookie board brims with cake pops, cookies, truffles, and chocolate ganache swirls. Don’t miss out on the Chocolate Royale Entremet jar. The decadent layers with a hint of crunch will leave you wanting more.

Price: INR 1099/- onwards

To place your order, drop a WhatsApp message or call Sameeksha on 8494800052 or drop a “happy diwali” on her INSTAGRAM. 


8. The Flying Apron Bangalore

Jaya’s gifting hamper feels like Christmas came in early with her signature cinnamon roll offerings. Her confections in the hamper range from a Classic Sugar Glazed Cinnamon Roll, Warm Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll, to a fruity Mixed Berry Sweet Roll, and a Rich Walnut Raisin Cinnamon Roll, amongst other handcrafted rolls. Her hampers are made to order with only 5 hampers remaining, so reach out soon.

Price: INR 1500/- excluding delivery charges

To place your order call/ drop a WhatsApp message to Jaya on 8527717308 or direct message her on INSTAGRAM.


9. Sri’s Cake Lab

Celebrate a green Diwali that features firecrackers, by ordering Srivatsan’s Diwali hamper consisting of edible chocolate firecrackers shaped in sutli bombs, flowerpots, rockets and even Jamin Chakkars in intriguing flavours ranging from Mocha, Butterscotch to Crunchy Honey Comb and Intense Espresso Caramel. These hampers come in regular and premium varieties with simple and exotic flavours to choose from; the chocolate fudge and hand-decorated diya remain staples in every hamper. 

Price: INR 500/- onwards

The hampers are prepared on a made-to-order basis to avoid food wastage and are delivered fresh. For more queries and to place an order, contact Srivatsan on 9945226796 or reach out to him on INSTAGRAM. 


10. That Cake Artist by Akshi 

Are you seeking a selection of delectable sweetmeats to give as gifts to your friends that won’t break the bank? That Cake Artist by Akshi has got your back, for her Diwali hampers are customised based on budget. Choose from a range of sweet treats including bento cakes, cake loaves, cookies, chocolates, choco truffles and more. The bestselling Diwali Dhamaka hamper consists of premium flavoured cake loaf, brownies, choco truffles, jars of snackable items, a handmade diya, Diwali greetings, and more.

To place your order, drop a WhatsApp message on 8951884641 or direct message on INSTAGRAM.


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