Self-Guided Game of Thrones Walking Tour  in Dubrovnik

You’re most likely to live in the Old City on your visit to Dubrovnik. Here is a planned route to help you identify GoT filming locations within and around the city walls.

It is anyone’s guess that Croatia’s tourism increased after Game of Thrones (GoT) became a worldwide phenomenon of sorts. The premier of this season — broadcasted in April 2011 — had over 17 million people tune in. A majority of them followed the storyline until the finale that aired earlier this year in May. The viewership figure doesn’t even include the people who watched it illegally. 

Needless to say, with such a vast fan following from over 150 countries, a number of tour companies have seen a boost in their earnings from organising specialised GoT tours. According to an article by Forbes, over 4,500 such tours are available in Croatia. And at least half of Dubrovnik’s — Croatian city and GoT location — recent tourism boost is due to the HBO series. 

But you don’t need a guide if you’re a “thronie”. You’ll easily recognise the locations on this self-guided GoT tour in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, aka Kings Landing. I strongly suggest you start early to avoid the crowds and get the best photos.

Keep Google Maps handy. The walk is approximately 2.5km long and will take an hour to complete. 


Pile Gate 
This is the main entrance to the Old City, down a short bridge. It has an outer door and another door within the gates, down a winding path. 
Season 2 Episode 6 
At the gate, the Kings Landing citizens riot against their poor conditions. King Joffrey orders the rioters be killed for protesting. 


Dubrovnik’s Walls 
Built mostly in the 12th century, they are listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The walls’ purpose was to protect the city from enemies. They run 1,940 metres in length around Old Town. 
Season 4 Episode 7 
Mountain takes down prisoners with his sword to impress Cersei. 
Season 5 Episode 4 
Loras Tyrell is arrested by the Sparrows here. 


Bokar Tower 
In the 15th century it was built to protect the city gate and as a watch tower. You can climb up to the roof where several cannons from the era are on display. The tower is part of the Minčeta fort. 
Bokar stars in several GoT scenes as a backdrop.  
Season 2 Episode 8 
Tyrion and Lord Varys discuss defence strategies for Kings Landing here. 
Season 2 Episode 10 
The base of Minčeta fort is projected as the facade of the House of the Undying. 


West Harbour 
In Game of Thrones, it is Backwater Bay, and is easily recognised by “thronies”. Characters have been seen off from here or were shown to have a discussion on the long walkway. 


Lovrijenac Fort 
Climb up a steep set of stairs to the fort that is built on a 37-metre high cliff. Its role was to protect the city from encroachers. The views from here are breathtaking. Such is its beauty that it is often used as venues for concerts and events, as well as weddings. 
In Game of Thrones, it is the Red Keep that is home to the Iron Throne. 
Season 2 Episode 1 
Little finger tries to blackmail Cersei when he says, “Knowledge is Power”. She threatens his life by commanding her soldiers to first cut his throat and then retracts saying, “Power is Power”. It takes place in the entryway of the fort. 


Gradac Park 
It was built in the late 19th century as a recreation ground. Nothing has changed since then. When the sun is out, you’ll often find locals lounging here, enjoying the serenity of nature. It makes for a beautiful picnic spot too. 
Season 4 Episode 2
This is the venue for the Purple Wedding, where King Joffrey is poisoned and dies.


Ethnographic Museum 
It’s a collection of items, 12th century onwards, which define Croatian culture. 
Season 4 Episode 1 
The exterior is shown as Petyr Baelish’s brothel. 


Jesuit Steps 
Walk down Josipa Jurja Strossmayera street and to your right will be the steps. They lead to Jesuit Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola. It is rumoured that Roman architect Pietro Passalacqua designed them after the Spanish Steps in Rome. 
Season 5 Episode 10 
Part of Cersei's infamous "walk of shame” happens here. 


Rector’s Palace
Continue towards Rector’s Palace, built in the 14th century. The museum once served as a building for Dubrovnik’s government officials. It is also the venue for concerts and festivals. 
Season 2 Episode 6 
It is part of the Spice King’s home in Qarth. The building appears when Daenerys Targaryen asks the Spice King for ships. 

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