6 Things to Remember when you go Backpacking

Things I wish I knew before my first backpacking trip

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­čĹčNot to bring many white clothes (or shoes)

They’ll get dirty and you’ll have to do more laundry if you wear both dark/colorful and white clothes a lot. I also brought white sneakers on my first ever backpacking trip and let’s just say they were not very white afterwards­čśé

­čôćNot to plan too far ahead in advance

I’ve found it more fun when there is a lot of room to change plans or just make new plans on the go! This is different if you re traveling in popular destinations in peak season, though, as in that case it’s best to book flights, accommodation & other transportation as early as possible to save money

­čĺÁTo research local ATMs in the destination before going

In many countries some ATMs will have cheaper withdrawal fees than others (or no fees at all). I’ve spent more money on withdrawals than necessary because I didn’t research this in advance and had to eventually just use any ATM I could find to get more cash…

­čĺ▓To bring more cash to countries where ATM fees are expensive

Related to the previous one, it can be cheaper to just exchange money than withdraw cash in some places so it’s a good idea to bring more cash with you (don’t keep it all in one place, though)

To bring flip flops even when traveling in winter (if staying in hostels)

They are just so much handier and more comfortable to wear in shared spaces at hostels than your winter shoes (+ much cleaner)

­čÄĺTo bring packing cubes

This one I still haven’t done and regret on every single trip… ­čśé It’d be much easier to stay organised and find what you need in your backpack/suitcase with packing cubes

Published on: Sept. 19, 2023, 6 p.m. Last modified on: Sept. 17, 2023, 11:24 p.m.
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