Conrad Bengaluru Ventures into Online Food Delivery

Before COVID 19, we wished for a time when 5 star hotels would deliver stellar meals to our doorstep. Something about opening our doors to receive a nice, clean package with food that makes our mouth water holds its own appeal.

Now, Conrad Bengaluru is here to deliver! 

Taking the current situation into consideration, the minds behind the luxury five star hotel have begun offering the very dishes that delight their customers through online delivery. Aptly named ‘From our kitchen to you’, this initiative uses intelligence from their menu engineering reports to curate the delivery menu and offers Indian, Asian, Mediterranean or global cuisine to your doorstep. Guests can choose to place direct orders with the Conrad or choose to order from their  delivery partners. They have developed a convenient and safe packaging to maintain freshness of the meal, which has been received well by guests and patrons who are satisfied with the thorough hygiene and safety protocols that are adopted. When a delightful gourmet spread is just a click away, it sure does paint a happy picture! 

The shift to online delivery has sped up in the advent of COVID 19. Five star hotels, who have been coveted for their overall dining experience, are taking their culinary skills online by keeping their quality and efficiency intact. This previously untapped market has resulted in improved connectivity with patrons, with hotels rapidly innovating to provide their signature experience online. Conrad Bengaluru has proven that gourmet food isn’t a mere fantasy at the moment.  

If you are looking to tuck in gourmet style, go the Conrad Way!

Published on: Sept. 30, 2021 Last modified on: Nov. 1, 2021, 7:23 a.m.
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