Introducing StayEatSee - For the PR Fraternity

Introducing StayEatSee - for PR Industry


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Another travel and food publication?

Well yes! And admit it, you are curious aren’t you?

StayEatSee is a publication that has been around for a while, albeit quietly. We look at travel from 3 perspectives

  1. Stay - where you can stay and what your many options and experiences can be. 
  2. Eat - food is an integral part of traveling these days and that’s what we also focus on - where to eat, what to eat and a culinary experience you must not miss.
  3. See - What’s traveling without seeing - yes you will have those quick reference lists that we will make handy. But we go further, we tell you what you can experience. 


Now, you may say, isn’t this what all travel publications are about? Yes, they are, but the difference lies in how we tell our stories. 

Our stories are experiences - not reviews, but experiences. 

We have with us a wonderful network of seasoned writers whose work will feature regularly on our site. We would love to build a rapport with the PR fraternity of the country and see how we can work together. 

We would like to request the PR community to include us in your mailing lists. Our focus is on interesting things happening in the world of travel under the buckets of Stay | Eat | See. 

  • We are happy to publish relevant press releases.
  • Open to discussing possible story pitches.
  • Open to exploring review opportunities of properties, F&B outlets and FAMs. 


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Editorial Board

Atul Prabhu - Founder

Ruth Dsouza Prabhu - Consultant Chief Editor

Natasha Ali - Consultant sub-editor

Himani Sona - Jr. Consultant Sub-editor


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