12 Temples to Visit in Udupi, (Near Mangalore) Karnataka

Udupi is a serene coastal town in Karnataka that is a popular tourist destination. In addition to the delectable vegetarian cuisine, and picturesque beaches, Udupi is home to several ancient temples. Below is a list of temples to visit for a spiritual tour of Udupi.

Udupi Sri Krishna Matha, Maruthi Veethika 

Sri Krishna Matha, one of the main Ashta mathas (eight Hindu monasteries founded by Saint Madhvacharya), is one of the most visited temples in Udupi. Sri Madhwacharya built the temple in the 13th century, and it houses a beautiful idol of Krishna as a child (Balakrishna). The deity is worshipped through a silver-plated, nine-holed window known as "Navagraha Kitki," which is the highlight of the visit to this temple.

Address: Temple Car St, Sri Krishna Temple Complex, Thenkpete, Maruthi Veethika, Udupi, Karnataka 

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Anantheshwara Temple, Maruthi Veethika 

The ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu's avatar has several stories about how it came to be. Lord Parashurama is worshipped as a linga, and the temple features intricate wood and stone carvings. The temple is also said to be the location where Madhawacharya vanished from his human form to join Lord Vedavyasa.

Address: Sri Krishna Temple Complex, Thenkpete, Maruthi Veethika, Udupi, Karnataka 

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Sri Vishweshwara Temple, Yellur

The temple is located in Yellur village and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It features the Devaayathana style of architecture and holds a rich history of 1000 years. The temple is at its best during Laksha Deepotsava (a festival of one lakh glowing lamps) between the months of November and December. Tender coconuts are the most common type of offering to the idol.

Address: 5QJX+C2P, Belapu, Karnataka

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Anegudde Siddhivinayak Temple, Kumbhashi

Anegudde translates to elephant (aane) and hillock (gudde) in the local dialect. The temple is also known as "Kumbhashi" and is located 9 kilometres south of Kundapura. It is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and features an idol with four hands, two facing upwards and the other two facing downwards. The best time to visit the temple is during the grand Ganesh Chaturthi celebration.

Address: Anegudde Vinayaka Temple Road, Kumbhashi, Karnataka 

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Chandramouleshwara Temple, Maruthi Veethika 

The temple is built on a lake bed and lies adjacent to Anantheshwara temple. Legend says it came into being when the moon god was freed from the curse by Lord Shiva on the banks of the holy river. Located in the same complex as Sri Krishna Matha, it is a practice to visit the Chandramouleshwara temple first, followed by the Anantheshwara temple, and finally the Sri Krishna Matha. 

Address: 8QR2+8VJ, Temple Car St, Sri Krishna Temple Complex, Thenkpete, Maruthi Veethika, Udupi, Karnataka 

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Sri Mookambika Temple, Kollur

It is situated on the banks of the river Souparnika in the quaint town of Kollur. The temple's main deity is a self-born Jyotirlinga which represents a unification of both Lord Shiva and Shakti. The temple has a gold-plated crest and copper roof, and it also has shrines for Ganapathi, Shiva, Vishnu, and Hanuman on its premises.

Address: Kollur, Karnataka 

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Sri MahishaMardini Temple, Kadiyali Temple Road 

The temple has a history of over 1200 years and is one of the oldest temples in the South Kanara district. It is located three kilometres from Manipal and depicts an agitated form of Goddess Durga - Mahishamardini. The idol is made of black smooth stone and is believed to have been carved in the Badami style.

Address: Kadiyali, Kadiyali Temple Rd, Karnataka 

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Sri Shankaranarayana Temple, Kundapur Taluk 

The temple is located 45 kilometres from Udupi and features a kotitirtha (pond) at the entrance surrounded by coconut and areca groves. The main deity here is a linga. It is said that Kroda Maharshi’s prayers for the two gods to come together to help fight the demons led to the rare unification of Shiva and Vishnu. 

Address: State Highway 65, Thenkpete, Maruthi Veethika, Kundapur Taluk, Udupi, Agumbe, Karnataka 

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Sri Indrani Panchadurga Parameshwari Temple, Indrani Gundibail-Manipal Road

The well-known Udupi Sri Krishna temple is surrounded by four Durga temples, one in each of the four directions of North, South, East, and West, with Sri Indrani Panchadurga Parameshwari Temple located in the East. The Shakti Peetha was built in the 11th century on a hilltop, and the main deity here is Goddess Durga, who is represented in the form of five lingas. 

Address: 8QQH+C8W, Indrani Gundibail-Manipal Road, Karnataka

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Shri Vadabhandeshwara Blarama Gudi, near Malpe beach

The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna's brother, Balarama, whose idol was installed by Madhawacharya. It is close to Malpe Beach and sees the most visitors during Mahalaya Amavasya. Given its beachfront location, visit the temple early in the morning to avoid the beach crowds, or visit in the evening to enjoy the darshana as well as the sunset at the beach.

Address: 9P63+G6R, Uddinahithlu, Malpe, Karnataka 576106 

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Ambalpady Mahakali Temple, Ambalpadi 

Ambalpady is a sacred site on the outskirts of Udupi where Goddess Mahakali is said to have descended to protect the land. Lord Janardhan came in search of the goddess and decided to reside here and help her. Mahakali was initially worshipped as a stone and is now a wooden idol while the stone remains. Additionally, the temple features coastal temple-style architecture and has a lovely pushkarani (temple pond) situated on-site. 

Address: 8PPJ+R99, near Highway Junction, Ambalpadi, Udupi, Karnataka 576103

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Sri Anantha Padmanabha Temple, Perdoor

The temple is located in the scenic town of Perdoor on the way to Hebri, about 22 kilometres from Udupi. The ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Anantha Padmanabha, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, and also houses idols of Lord Ganesha and Rudralinga. The temple also features a kalyani, which is filled with devotees who have great faith in the deity here.

Address: FX5Q+44F, Hebri, Karnataka 576112

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