Bobby Da Dhaba is now at a new place - near Nagasandra metro station in Bangalore

Aloo, onion, gobi, paneer – think paratha and undoubtedly, Bobby Da Dhaba still remains to be the best place in the city to have North Indian favourites


The journey began in 1985 when the priest of the gurudwara suggested Nani Balwant Kaur to start serving a bowl of dal and phulka to those visiting the gurudwara - visitors who craved “ghar jaisa khana” and wouldn’t get that typical North Indian food anywhere in the city. Gradually, a small place was set up next to the gurudwara in Ulsoor which, over the years, became popular as Bobby Da Dhaba.


Bobby Da Dhaba was next to the gurudwara until 2012, before they shifted to St. John’s Road. And while the regulars were only getting used to driving to St. John’s Road, the dhaba shut shop again early last year to many of our disappointments. Now finally, it stands open and busy-as-ever at its new address in Nagasandra. 
It’s been almost a year since the dhaba has moved to this new location, but that has not hurt Bobby Da Dhaba’s popularity one bit. Nothing much has changed even now - except for the fact that it’s only got busier, more popular with ever increasing clientele and the old faithfuls who continue visiting the dhaba for a true taste of home-cooked vegetarian Punjabi food.


Those of you who have been to Bobby Da Dhaba earlier will recall a lanky sardar dressed in a T-shirt and trousers (rolled up to his knees) calling out orders, serving customers and also supervising his team of cooks and cleaners. Well, that multi-tasking sardar is Jaspal Singh aka Bobby, the man who continues to run the show even today along with his 90-year-old mother. Jaspal is the man as busy as ever even today at Nagasandra. You will find him doing all this and more now. 

“Sir, one hour waiting and only aloo paratha available,” you will overhear Jaspal informing someone on the phone, and there are times he is heard giving directions to his new location in between his busy chores. The moment you reach the dhaba, Jaspal or one of his boys will hand over a pen and paper for you to decide and place the order while you wait for the table. But once you are seated and start your meal, the service is quick and efficient. The team ensures you are served piping hot food and you don’t have to wait too long for your orders to come to the table. You are served so well that you actually feel that it was totally worth the wait. 
The steaming hot parathas still come with a dollop of butter slowly puddling and melting from top, served with home-made pickle, bowl of curd and a plate of sliced onion. And that tall glass of lassi is still as rich and frothy and remains to be the perfect meal-ender.


What started as a simple concept of serving just a bowl of dal with phulkas, continues to be as simple and as basic even today. The one-side printed menu lists just about 10 items which includes 5-6 varieties of parathas, a couple of rice combos, some gravies, kheer, lassi – and that’s it. Easy to decide, so definitely you are not spoilt for choice, but for flavours for sure.


Must Have: All Stuffed Parathas, Lassi, Baigan Bharta, Dal Makhani, Kadhi Chawal, Kheer
Bobby Da Dhaba is located at MSR Enclave, 502, 12th Main, Near Nagasandra Metro Station 
Timings: Noon - 4pm and 7pm to 10.30pm. 
Closed: Monday.
Call: 9663678382


Published on: Oct. 7, 2021 Last modified on: Nov. 1, 2021, 7:23 a.m.
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