Home Cooks in Bangalore You Must Order from

There was quite a surge in the number of home cooks and home bakers who started catering out of their kitchens during the pandemic and resulting lockdowns. While some did quit as eating out at restaurants picked up pace, if you're in the mood for some home-cooked meals to feed your soul, here is a list of home chefs you can order from.

Malaysian laksa in bangalore


1. Bungaraya Malaysian Home Food by Chef Sunitha

If you can’t fly to Malaysia to savour their cuisine, bring Malay flavours home by ordering from this kitchen, run by home chef Sunitha. Her menu features Satays, Laksas, Lemaks and Gorengs. Here’s the best part - if you're planning to host family or friends, the kitchen also caters to party orders.

How to order?

Drop a WhatsApp message on 9845182055 or direct message her on Instagram at @bungarayamalaysianfoodblr


2. Culinary Yatra by Ranjini Nambiar

Based out of Whitefield, Culinary Yatra is a weekend pop-up kitchen run by Ranjini Nambiar serving traditional Malabari cuisine. Pork Ulathu, Fish Mappas, Kannur style dum biryani and Beef Jallikettu are some of the regulars on her menus. 

How to order?

Pre-order by dropping a message on WhatsApp at 7411545516 before 1 p.m on Thursdays, or 

direct message her on Instagram at @culinaryyatra


Karnivore Kitchen by Kalyan Gopalakrishna


3. Karnivore Kitchen by Kalyan Gopalakrishna

If you want to belt old Bangalore Naati cuisine in the comfort of your home then Karnivore Kitchen by Kalyan Gopalakrishna has got you covered with his incredible, meaty menu. Some finger-licking menu mainstays include the succulent Bannur Mutton Chops, Karnivore Ribs, and Kaima Unde Saaru.

How to order?

Check out the weekly menu on Instagram stories at @karnivore.kitchen and place an order on WhatsApp at 9980541415


4. Adukkala 108 (Kerala Style Food)

Another home kitchen offering Kerala Nadan cuisine, and the good news is they also have vegetarian offerings like Pulisseri, vegetarian Pothichoru and fried Pazhampori on the menu. Non-vegetarians can feast on Nandu curry (crab curry) and rice, Meen Peera and much more.

How to order? 

Direct message them on Instagram at @adukkala108

or drop a WhatsApp message on 8296612242 to place your order. 

5. Lady and Ladle by Chef Fathima Riyaz

Lady and Ladle, owned and solely handled by home chef Fathima Riyaz, serves the distinctive Bhatkali cuisine laced with Konkan and Middle Eastern influences. Some of the must-order items on her menu include her Vermicelli Biryani, Bhatkali Biryani, and Bhatkal Khichdi.

How to order?

Drop a WhatsApp message on 9538035950 or direct message her on Instagram at @ladyandladle


6. Chattambi Cravings

Chattambi Cravings sells their signature Appam Batter that results in crispy brown edges with a porous centre and is a fast favourite amongst Appam lovers. The home chef brand is also drawing attention with a recent addition - Zoheb’s Dawat Mutton Biryani served with Chicken Kebabs, Baingan curry, Raita and Kheer.

How to order?

Order their Appam Batter with a minimum quantity of 1 kg by 9 a.m a day in advance by dropping a WhatsApp message on 9884906590. And order their Biryani at a minimum quantity of 1kg by Thursdays by dropping a WhatsApp message at 9538481804. (O) hit them up on Instagram @chattambi_cravings


pork stew home cooks in bangalore


7. Pressurecooker.zu / Under Pressure

Aarzu’s exquisite home kitchen offers personally developed recipes as a result of her experiments with flavours, rather than a dedicated cuisine. You can choose from her weekly meal combos like Dal Makhani meal and Chilli Chicken Box to simple yet flavour-bombs like Gondhoraj Lemon Pork Stew and Mutton Stew preserved with Limes. 

How to order? 

There is a set menu up on Instagram from which you can order; works on a pre-order basis, with a minimum order of 500 grams and above. Orders are taken a day in advance until 6 p.m. Direct message her on Instagram at @pressurecooker.zu  


8. Con Amore Blr by Vaishnavi Biyani

Con Amore by Vaishnavi Biyani checks all the boxes to make it a go-to source to put your pasta cravings to rest. The vibrant pastas cook in just two to three minutes, are created from scratch, use natural colours, and don't include any preservatives. Ricotta, Ravioli, Fettuccine - you name it and she has it! Additionally, the artisanal brand also offers pasta sauces. Her aesthetic Instagram feed will leave you drooling.

How to order?

Place your order a day in advance by dropping a WhatsApp message on 7204185053 or direct message on Instagram at @conamoreblr

9. Curly Sue Pork by Uttam and Radhica Muthappa

This home kitchen by Uttam and Radhica Muthappa is all things pork, starring heat and eat options and hand-made premium pork sausages. Their pork specialities are made with hand-crafted masala blends and locally cultivated spices. And mind you, the pork is slow-cooked for six to eight hours. Their menu includes regional numbers like the Coorg Pandhi Curry and Goan Pork Vindaloo to Western flavours like Rosemary Pork Racks and BBQ Pulled Pork.

How to order?

Place an order through their website at https://curlysue.in/  and check out their Instagram page for more updates.


10. Michelle’s Kitchen, Kammanahalli

Michelle’s home kitchen based out of Kammanahalli churns out desi flavours with a speciality in Anglo, Bengali, and Indo-Chinese. Weekly rice and curry combos, Chaat menus, Vegetarian Thali options, Meat Thali and some Anglo favourites like Beef Croquette and Beef Pulao are what you can expect on Chef Michelle’s menu. 

How to Order? 

Check out her menu updates on Instagram at @michellesbangalore and place an order by dropping a message on WhatsApp at 8660409556 or 7411236007. 


fried fish in bangalore by home cooks


11. Leesona Lawrence Home Kitchen

Leesona Lawrence’s home kitchen started with the recreation of her grandmother’s Thrissur Meen Curry, which took off on Facebook during the pandemic and there has been no turning back since. In addition to whipping up Kerala dishes, the home kitchen also offers Naga dishes and seafood staples. Naga Pork Chilli with Bhut Jolokia, Kerala Crab Roast, and Seer Fish Fry are but a few of the dishes to try.

How to order?

Leesona is currently taking orders on demand, you could check out her page and reach out to her on Instagram at @leesonalawrence


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