Places to Try Different Biryani Styles in Bangalore

Biryani is a universal love language that even vegetarians can’t resist (let’s not get into the debate of pulao v/s biryani at this point) and Bangalore is blessed to house this comfort cum celebratory dish from across regions, with each one having a facet to set it apart from the rest.

Our #StayEatSeeExpert Vinay Nagaraju who loves exploring all things local from shack-like eateries to fine dining is the co-creator of the BengaluruBiryaniClub community and shares with us the various biryani styles in Bangalore and the places you can try them at.  


Bengaluru Donne Biryani Style Shivaji military hotel


Bengaluru Donne Biryani Style

Bengaluru Donne Biryani gets its name from biryani being served in donne, the local word for rustic leaf cups made of palm leaves. Small grain rice, intense flavours, and the distinct green colour usually from the ground green chilli, coriander leaves and mint leaves, form the donne biryani. Don’t be surprised to find peas mixed in with the meat. Eating piping hot donne biryani in these little stitched palm cups elevates the whole experience. 

Places to try Bengaluru Donne Biryani:

For a non-veg variant, try Shivaji Military Hotel


and for a Vegetarian variant head to the Naati Café

GET DIRECTIONS  ​​​​​​and order the Mushroom Palav


Bengaluru Muslim Biryani


Bengaluru Muslim Biryani

While Muslim Biryani itself comprises different styles of preparations, the Shaadi ki Biryani (wedding-style biryani) remains a local favourite. The biryani is prepared with short-grained jeera samba rice and it’s the meaty flavours that dominate the spice undertones. The flavourful biryani is typically paired with a homely salan gravy and the aroma the biryani creates in the kitchen makes it hard to resist. 

Places to try Bengaluru Muslim Biryani:

For a non-veg variant, try Chichabas Taj


and for a vegetarian variant try Veg Har Dil Azeez Biryani at Sharief Bhai 



Hyderabadi Biryani in bangalore


Hyderabadi Biryani

After Mughlai Biryani, it’s the Hyderabadi biryani style that tops the list. While the meats and masalas used to prepare biryanis give them their distinctive characteristics, a Hyderabadi biryani stands out for the type and proportion of rice to meat. More quantity of rice to meat simmered in an elaborate masala cooked to perfection makes up the famed biryani style.

Places to try Hyderabadi Biryani:

For a non-veg variant, try Atthemane Biriyani Palace


and for a veg, variant try Meghana Foods



Nellore Biryani

Nellore biryani is another sought-after biryani style hailing from the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. The biryani is high on spice sticking true to its roots of a chilli-growing land. This style should definitely be on your must-try list if you're a chilli head who prefers a masala-laden biryani! For people with a low spice tolerance, try heaping your biryani rice with ladles full of raita to soothe your gut.

Places to Try Nellore Biryani:

For a non-veg variant head to Bheema’s

​​​​​​​GET DIRECTIONS and for a veg version, go to Nandhini Restaurant



Hoskote Style

A close cousin of the donne biryani, the Hoskote biryani has rice that is overcooked and slightly mushy, with more pronounced spices. The Hoskote biryani is also synonymous with early morning biryani and most commonly associated with a particular eatery called Anand Biryani Hoskote (open only on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays) GET DIRECTIONS​​​​​​​  Once you dig into their mutton biryani, the distance and early hour won’t even bother you.


Ambur Star Biryani since 1890 


Ambur Biryani

This biryani variant inspired by the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu is flavourful, slightly greasy, and suitable for those who are low-on-spice eaters, thanks to the mild flavour. Ambur’s meaty biryani dons a slightly tangy tomato base balanced out with meat and short-grained rice in contrast to most South Indian biryanis, which are heavily spiced and frequently prepared in green masala.

Try Ambur style Biryani at Ambur Star Biryani since 1890 



Lucknowi Biryani

Known to be served to the Nawabs of Lucknow, the Lucknowi biryani bags the title of the richest biryani in terms of flavour and taste, owing to additions like rose water, kewra water, and opulent saffron strands, which also contribute to the appealing colour. To elevate the biryani experience, the Nawabi biryani is finished with thinly sliced onions fried in ghee. 

Try the Lucknowi Mutton Biryani at Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs, ITC Windsor


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