Things to Do on the Weekend in Bangalore

With Bangalore's abundance of cafes, breweries, and eateries, it's only natural to spend the weekend café or beer hopping. But if you want to indulge in an experience that goes beyond partying, lounging, and eating, here are some fun weekend activities you might want to consider.

Learn skating with Bengaluru Skaters 

Bengaluru Skaters, a community of young individuals, aims to create awareness about skating that goes beyond the competitive form, and extends to freestyle and fitness as well. Cubbon Park on Sunday mornings is where you will spot this happy community guiding folks young and old to rollerblade, skateboard, and wave board. Whether you’re a beginner or just want to sharpen your skills or learn new techniques and tricks, all are welcome. The whole idea is to have fun, shares Divye Karde, co-founder, Bengaluru Skaters.

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Plan a culinary road trip to Mysore

In addition to the rich cultural heritage, royal palaces and rustic buildings that preserve the city’s old-world charm, Mysore is also a culinary paradise with decades-old eateries dotted on the Bangalore-Mysore highway and in the quaint city itself. When there, savour a North Karnataka lunch at Kamat Madhuvan, treat yourself to a masala dosa at the iconic Mylari hotel, stop at Hotel RRR for a spicy biryani, and head to SAPA bakery for some handcrafted breads and desserts. 


Paint with your friends at Paint Bar

Go straight to Paint Bar to explore your artistic side! And don't worry, the team at Paint Bar will guide you through the creative process step by step even if you don't know how to hold a brush. Spend a fun evening painting a canvas at their studio in styles ranging from scenic, abstract, to even theme-based. The founders believe in making more people paint irrespective of their age or expertise.

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Attend walking tours in the city

Bengaluru's walking tours cover everything from iconic areas and nooks; take you around the city's culinary hotspots, and the best shopping spots. You can even discover old Bangalore including places like the weaver's community, KR Market, and the lovely by-lanes of Malleshwaram. Whether you're a history buff, a culture enthusiast, a foodie, or simply someone who loves exploring the city on foot, these tours will leave you content and are the best way to spend a weekend. Gully Toursand Bengaluru by Foots are some walking tour groups to check out.


Indulge in a wine tour

Thanks to Bangalore’s weather and terroir, the city is home to a few vineyards, and learning what goes behind making the fine wine seems like a fun weekend activity to do with friends and family. Understand the factors that influence a wine, walk through the vineyard, take part in a grape-stomping session if it's harvest time, receive a behind-the-scenes tour of the winery, and sample the best selection the sommelier has to offer.

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Experience microlight flying

Microlight flying is a one-of-a-kind experience and is something that should make your bucket list. After a quick lesson on the basics of flying, sit in a two-seater aircraft with a pilot guiding you, and take charge of basic manoeuvres like turning the aircraft and changing altitudes. By the end of 15 mins of flying you’ll wish the thrilling experience lasted longer. 

Price: INR 3000 - 5000

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Spend a day at Area 83

Area 83 is the place to go if you want to have a fun-filled family weekend packed with outdoor activities, or just have an exciting weekend with friends. Play human foosball, loosen up with a game of paintball, or laugh and roll to a round of bubble soccer. Try kayaking or water cycling if you're a water baby. The adventure resort also offers camping experiences in addition to numerous sports and outdoor activities.

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Make fur friends at Dog’s Park

For pets and pet parents, going to Dog's Park is a favourite Sunday morning activity. Even if you're not a pet parent and are just a dog lover, you may play and snuggle with a range of breeds, from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane. Watch the fluffs walk around in small shoes, don their new collars, admire the elegant Shih Tzus and smile at the goofy dogs playing around. Even though some pets love attention and pampering, it's best to ask the pet parents first before petting their dog.

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Go for weekend treks

Take a break from the screen and go on a weekend trek that includes explorations of caves, coffee plantations, waterfall trails, and even midnight hikes. For intermediate treks and challenging terrain, you might need direction and a tour group, but you can still embark on beginner-level or relatively simple treks on your own, such as the Skandagiri sunrise trek or a climb to Shivagange.

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